The main objective

 of the proposed project is to coordinate activities in Sweden and Japan to develop a system of foods, technology and distribution to alleviate anorexia of aging and thereby frailty thus securing independent living and social participation of senior citizens.

The teams in Sweden and Japan consists of R&D performers, industry and end-users who will develop new desirable food, distribution and processing for food products that are high in energy and nutrients, easy to chew, pleasant and safe to swallow and desirable and adjusted to elderly regarding taste and flavor. The teams complement each other with a focus on the oral phase in Japan and swallowing in Sweden. Previous research and new findings are implemented by the industrial participants and the feasibility evaluated together with end-users.

RISE Agrifood and Bioscience
Gothenburg, Sweden
Mats Stading


Fujita Health University
Aichi, Japan
Koichiro Matsuo