News June 2018

RISE is together with Fujita Health University leading the project “Innovative Food Technology Systems for Independent Senior Living – GoIndependent”

which aims at developing new energy and protein rich, succulent food forelderly using novel technologies. The project devices both proactive food and activities to retain important oral functions as well as foods for people who are experiencing swallowing disorders. Sweden has an elderly population (20% over 65) only exceeded by Japan (27% over 65) and many elderlies are experiencing eating problems resulting in undernutrition and frailty. The human suffering as well as health care costs are high and thus new solutions are required.

GoIndependent was presented at the symposium “Innovative Solutions, Community Design and Services for Elderly People “ at the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo by Mats Stading and Koichiro Matsuo who lead GoIndependent. Novel 3D printing of food aimed at elderlies was also demonstrated by Evelina Höglund. Existing food products from Findus Special Foods was also displayed and tasted by the participants and the Japanese company FoodCare also participated, both active in the GoIndependent project. All foods were well received, also by the participants who did not experience any swallowing disorders.


Symposium I Tokyo:

150 years of diplomatic relations:, #swejpn150